No doubt you’ve come across a ton of WordPress beginner guides, but this is where you will find what you need to get your website off the ground and see quick results!

As a platform that enables control of your content, no matter which field its covers, WP is an immense tool for creating high performing website. Get hosting, install WordPress, choose a theme, and get publishing—all you need get started and speed up the process.

Before I got into blogging, I viewed every website just like any other website.

They all had unique website domains.

They all had neatly laid out content.

Pictures? All websites had captivating pictures.

All were built on WordPress — at least most of them, or probably the ones that I visited were all powered by WordPress.

So, for me – they were all same!


I decided to build a website of my own—this one on which you have just landed.

The Enlightenment

So, when I sat down to build a website—I chose WordPress for very obvious reasons—I realized how many different aspects had to be put into consideration when designing one.

That is when I first started doubting myself:

Maybe not all websites are same after all?

Finally, I came up with a website. It wasn’t how it looks right now but I was happy that I had designed a website on my own.

And then I waited for all of you… No one came.

I waited, and waited and…

But, you did not come.

Well, if I was there on that website then how come no one is here, on my website?

Maybe Neil Patel was right after all when he said he receives over 2436112 unique visitors, just on ONE of his blogs.

It became clear to me:

Not all websites are built same!

So, now I wanted to build a high performing WordPress website.

A Bad Experience—Won’t Let It Happen Again!

I said to myself. But for that, I needed guidance.

Because you know few things were already clear to me from the experience I had—no one had to point me out these things.

  • My site lacked a logical navigation unlike the “good” sites that I have been visiting.
  • My homepage was a cluster of words, and lacked simple, easy to understand headings. This is something that I found common in all good websites.

So, I needed a guide because I wasn’t doing it right.

A Guide to Create a Website With WordPress

Then, I came across the mantra – How to Create a WordPress Site That Your Readers and Search Engines Will Love to Pieces.

It was in the form of a book – a guide.

I started reading this 116 pages long manual and it had plenty of actionable information in it.

Whatever I learnt, based on that, I optimized the website that I had previously created.

Did the web designing tips and strategies work?


You are here, and you, and you.

So yes, I can say the guide did work for me.

And that is why, I would say you should try it as well. If you are building a WordPress website from scratch, this guide should be able to help you. If you want to optimize your current WordPress website for traffic and conversions, it should be able to serve you.

Try it and let me know how you found it.

I’ll wait for your comments in the comments section below.

Wish you all the best!