Wine seems to be making quite a comeback. The past few years in particular has seen more and more millennials take up the drink as their choice poison! The thing about wine is that it seems to come with its own special etiquette.

What’s this about?

Given that more people are taking to the drink, there are a lot of questions that follow. Many of those who have recently taken up wine drinking are curious to know more about the drink as well as the right way to consume it.

Common Questions

I’ve put together some of the most commonly asked questions about wine and done my best to skim over them in this blog. Here they are!

Why Swirl?

Many people wonder what the point is of swirling wine. To make things simple, swirling allows air into the liquid wine body. In other words, the wine is oxygenated. This tends to bring out the flavor and facilitates tasting.

Isn’t Slurping Rude?

Not really. When it comes to wine, slurping follows the same principle as swirling. It is basically airing for taste!

food on the table

Do Different Wines go with Different Meals?

Yes, they do! There are certain wines like Rieslings that are ideally suited to dishes containing fish, pork and chicken. There are others like certain Blancs that go well with salads! Of course, there is the standard that you cannot get wrong…wine and cheese!

Can I Chill my Red?

Though many believe red wine is meant to be consumed at room temperature, what they forget is global climatic variation! The room temperature that is referred to here is generally lower than what you would experience living in a hotter part of the globe. If you live in, say L.A., and enjoy your summer wine, it’s quite alright to bring the temperature down a few notches even if it is red!

How do I Identify my Wine?

There are a number of different wine types. This being said, the more popular ones are limited to about nine kinds. These include Pinots, Cabernets, Merlots and Blancs to name a few.  Among the things, you need to take into account when telling one wine from the other include; the obvious color, the taste and how it makes your mouth or tongue feel.

Who do I Learn More From?

When it comes to wine there are a lot of ways you can learn more. Personally, I have my own blog section dedicated to food and wine that you might find helpful! Other than that, a conversation with the resident wine clerk can always be fruitful. Last but not least you have these things called ‘wine classes’. A little much for some but hey! Each to his own!


These are not all the questions I have been asked about wine but they sure are the ones that come up over and over. There are other more obscure ones such as what glasses to use and if or not wine mixes well with other alcohol! There are also more technical questions about grape types, brewing processes and tannin!

If you want to read more about cooking, food and wine, there are a few blogs you might find interesting! You can also read about places to plan a vacation, beauty and tech so click away! Till next time folks!