There are very few training programs in the market which are as unique as the Shadow player youth basketball training system. The program has been designed for youth and coaches in order to help them train to become proficient basketball players.

Benefits of the Shadow player youth basketball training system

What makes this particular system so unique is the fact that it comes with specifically-designed equipment.

These include:

  • Specifically designed drill towers
  • A matrix which determines the development of one’s skills
  • Additional drills that players can practice
  • A bag

A major benefit of this particular system is that it works for everyone. It does not matter if you are an amateur or a professional player. This system is compatible with all kinds of players. This system is as beneficial for kids from grade school as it is for kids from high school.

Additional benefits of this type of training system are:

  • Portability
  • It is light weight
  • Durability
  • Easy to set up and break down

What the coaches have to say

Coaches are particularly happy about the facilities that they get from this particular system. One feature that they are particularly pleased with is the ease with which they can set up this training system.

They can also break the system down into different components and assign different drill to the players. This prevents the players from being stuck in a rut. Practice can sometimes be boring and monotonous because of which the players might not give their hundred percent.

With this system, coaches can make sure that the practice routine stays fun and engaging for players. This also helps players perform much better on the court in a big game.

At the same time, this system also allows players to practice new drills. These drills enhance the skills. Players have their own strengths and weaknesses. With these drills, they can work on the areas they are struggling with.

Practicing on the court is one thing. Playing the game is an entirely different thing. You have people from the opposite team who prevent you from moving around.

With the drill towers, players can simulate the feeling of an actual game and practice moving around the opponents.

Locations where this system has been implemented

This system has been implemented in different basketball courts in Kansas City. Some of these areas include:

  • Rockhurst University
  • The KAMO HOOPS elite basketball camp
  • Aquinas High School

Weight rings

The shadow-training program also comes with weight rings. These can be used both on indoor and outdoor courts. A benefit of these rings is that they provide stability to the court.

Sports injuries are common especially among young players and this may sound surprising but the court can also be responsible for causing injury to the players. These rings make it easy to conduct practice especially on a day where there are strong winds.

You can also place these for footwork training. It is particularly effective for improving your footwork and agility. If you are looking to implement this system in your gym, click here.