You’ve been working your butt off for the past many years. It’s high time you got what you deserved. You need a large floppy hat, virgin mojitos and a gorgeous vacation destination right now, dang it!

But where should you go? The funds are here, all ready to be spent. Now all you need is the right place to land in and venture in!

Zachery to the rescue! Here are five heavenly destinations that I think would be perfect for a vacation, away from the hustle and bustle of your office space, all of which are affordable enough!

1. Iceland


Hidden pools, naturally heated waters, gorgeous skies and beautiful sceneries – what more could you ask for.

Iceland is perhaps one of the most breathtaking places on earth, with just the right amount of people so the place doesn’t feel overcrowded. Iceland has for a long time been a destination for thrill seekers and nature lovers as well, but if you truly just want to relax by your lonesome, Iceland would still have a gorgeousb room for you.

2. Switzerland

train and forest

Switzerland is one of the most beloved vacation destinations for a reason. From beautiful snow-capped mountains to seemingly never-ending fields of flowers, Switzerland has something for everyone, whether you’re a couple searching for the perfect romantic spot, or an adventure-seeker looking for your next thrill. Whatever your choice may be, the country is so ideal that you’ll be spoilt for choice.


3. South Africa

amazing view of the city from top

Beautifully-diverse and filled with euphoria-inducing landscapes, it’s a wonder that South Africa isn’t crowded all year round. Although the country is popular in its own right, the truth is that people are still discovering its wonders, especially those interested in nature and wildlife, not to mention sea life and country living. With beautiful mountains, orchards and vineyards galore, South Africa is a place for the luxury lovers.

4. Dominican Republic


Although Dominican Republic is loved for its natural landscapes, beaches and overall scenery, that’s not all it has to offer. While being one of the top destinations of the Caribbean surely makes it a busy place, the island still has many nooks and crannies where one can go away to enjoy their own time in this little slice of paradise. Truly, the bustling island presents a wonderful side of a diverse, growing population!

5. Santorini, Greece


What’s not to love about this little island in Greece that was voted as one of the world’s most romantic destination? With its signature blue-domed buildings, red sandy beaches and a surprising number of infinity pools that are perched just at the right side to give you that sunset view, Santorini exceeds all expectations for anyone looking for a heavenly iconic view.

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