“If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet”

The wind is soaring; the plains are moving; the scenery is ever-changing. On one side hills of different sizes dot the wide horizon. The other shows a crystal-clear expanse of water, blue in color and sparkling under the sun.

To travel is to live. To travel is to inspire and be inspired.

And then there are some people whose entire lives are spent on the road! Whoever ventures out in the world by road must be in need of a map. This is the way of the world…

Arrive to Your Destination In Peace With Mountain Directory!!!

Life of a full-time trucker isn’t easy especially if having to travel back and forth in rough, mountainous terrain. Getting lost or behind schedule is the least of the bigger concerns truckers have when leaving to get a job done!

In fact, driving on mountainous terrain is THE place you would want an updated map or directory that shows helpful information about paths to take and avoid.

This is where Mountain Directory comes in the picture. Hands-down, this is the best travel resource that you can possibly wish for when attempting a mountain drive!

Are You Planning a Trip to the Mountains? Does Your Work Take to Far Flung Peaks All the Time? Let This Helpful Guide Be Your Light!

There are 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the U.S. according to the American Trucker Association… These drivers travel to all corners of the country, making deadline sensitive deliveries and arriving on-time anywhere.

How many times have you wished for proper navigation knowledge, particularly when driving in rough conditions and terrain? This simple and easy to understand guide is exactly for those people especially if driving a large and heavy vehicle toward rugged terrain.

Know the Highways and Byways of Everywhere You Travel

Are you interested in taking your RV into mountainous terrain and furthermore? Are you new to your trucking job?

Let the Mountain Directory guide every turn into the wild! The guide comes in eBook format and can be purchased by people wanting to promote safe driving in mountainous and heavy terrain areas.

“There are two kinds of drivers… those who have been in trouble on a mountain grade, and those who will be”

These Mountain Directory eBooks will make truck, RV and motor-home driving in mountainous areas safe and troublesome! Introduced by R&R Publishing, the information about mountain passes and steep grades is being collected and published since 1993!

This means the eBooks contain a reservoir of updated information, helpful for truckers and RV’ers. Moreover, the Mountain Directory eBook in question provides locations and descriptions of over 700 mountain passes and steep grades in 22 states!!! That is a lot of information….

Don’t Know Where to Turn? Let This Guide You

Maps are absolutely useless in providing detailed guidance and direction… This is one reason why the Mountain Directory guidebook is an absolute treasure for truckers and other such drivers!

Want to know how a pass is like ahead of time? Find out with this easy to understand eBook!

Make informed decisions about whether to go around or over once you have this book in your electronic device!